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Understanding the "Red Ship Spirit" and not forgetting to follow the Party at the beginning —— The "Red Ship Tour" of the Fourth Party Branch of Changzhou Municipal Government
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 On July 20, 16 Party members from the Fourth Party Branch of the company visited the Red Ship and Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall in Jiaxing to learn about the spirit of the Red Ship and to revisit the hard struggle and indomitable revolutionary years.

First of all, Party members and comrades visited the Red Ship holding the First Congress of the Communist Party of China and took pictures beside the Red Ship. They recalled the glorious course of the Communist Party of China by the Red Ship, drew ideological strength from it, and strengthened their determination and confidence to "never forget their original heart and remember their mission".
In the afternoon, Party members and comrades came to Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall to visit and study. The memorial hall is divided into three floors, the first floor and the second floor are "opening up the world" units, including "exploring the road to save the nation from extinction", "the founding of the Communist Party of China" and "the introduction of the life stories of thirteen Party representatives"; the third floor is "glorious journey". ” Units include "carrying out the new democratic revolution", "building a new socialist China" and "taking the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics". By listening carefully to the explanatory notes, Party members and comrades have revisited the splendid years that our Party has gone through, and have a deeper understanding and understanding of the "Red Ship Spirit".
After the visit, we all expressed that we should base ourselves on our own position, work harder, make new achievements in the new era, keep forgetting our initial intention in our future work and life, and make new contributions to our Party and motherland.

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