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Baojianfeng hones plum blossom fragrance from bitter cold —— The company holds the 2019 Engineering Surveying Skills Competition
The publisher:czszjs    Release time:2019/9/16    Hit:4750

 July 23 is the first day of this year's great summer in Changzhou. In the campus of Jiangsu Vocational College of Urban and Rural Construction, the company's annual engineering survey skills competition in 2019 is in full swing. Each branch of the project team participated in the three-level attached traverse survey competition, a total of 25 people (as shown in the figure).

This competition is also the company's selection of outstanding players to participate in the 2019 Changzhou and Jiangsu Municipal Industry Association Surveying Skills Competition. Since the beginning of the year, the company has arranged and invited the gold medal coaches of Jiangsu Vocational College of Urban and Rural Construction to conduct pre-competition training, and entrusted them to organize the theoretical examination questions bank of the company. The theory contest took a closed-book mobile phone exam in the company on July 22, and achieved theoretical results on the spot.
At 7:00 a.m. on July 23, all the morning group players were in place, making preparations nervously. The 8:30 competition officially began. By the end of 11:30, everyone was sweating like they were fished out of the water. In the afternoon, the temperature is higher and the ground temperature is over forty degrees, but the competition enthusiasm of the players is higher than that of the hot summer. For "Changzhou politicians", everyone is bitter and hot, and I love the long summer days.
This skill contest has created a new level in project scale and difficulty setting, aiming at actively creating a corporate culture atmosphere of learning skills and advocating "craftsmanship spirit", as well as creating an opportunity for staff of various departments to learn from each other and communicate with each other. Effective promotion of the overall level of the company and personal quality of employees win-win. The competition also exposed some technical personnel in the operation of standardization, proficiency and other skills deficiencies and lack of personal capacity, providing a useful reference for the company in the future in the education and training of professional and technical personnel.

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