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The company held a forum for young employees to welcome the Mid Autumn Festival in 2019
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 In order to enhance the communication between young employees and make them grow together with the enterprise, on the afternoon of September 12, on the occasion of the coming of the Mid Autumn Festival, the company held a symposium for young employees to welcome the Mid Autumn Festival in the conference room on the 4th floor of building 3 (as shown in the figure).

Leaders of the company attached great importance to this activity. On the afternoon of that day, Zhao Xisheng, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee, Ai Wei, general manager, Fu Weidong, Li Zhongjun, Jiang Hao, deputy general manager, and heads of all functional departments of the company attended and attended the symposium.
At the meeting, the moderator Li Zhongjun, deputy general manager, replied to the summary information of the "youth employee questionnaire". Later, the representatives of young employees spoke one by one and talked about their feelings in work and life after they came to the company, and put forward their own opinions and suggestions to the company. After that, general manager Ai Wei introduced the company's production, operation and development, and proposed that young employees are the hope of the company's future development. We should establish a training mechanism for young employees, and constantly explore outstanding talents. Young employees should strive hard, keep forging ahead, and become the pillar of the company as soon as possible. Finally, chairman Zhao Xisheng sincerely encourages young employees to take root in work, be good at learning, take the initiative in practice, be brave in taking responsibility, do a good job in career planning, actively perform on the broad stage of the company, and strive to become the business and management backbone of the company as soon as possible.
After the meeting, young employees expressed that through this activity, their career development goals in the "Changzhou municipal" family were more clearly defined, and they will contribute to the development of the company through their own practical actions.

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