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The company launched the mobilization meeting and theme education party class of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind"
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 On September 18, after fierce competition with 12 powerful companies, our company, with good reputation, strong comprehensive strength, mature and perfect technical scheme and reasonable quotation, emerged from the public bidding of the first phase project of Wunan second sewage treatment plant in Wujin District, Changzhou City, and finally won the bid with the bidding price of 264455668 yuan.

The first phase of Wunan No.2 sewage treatment plant in Wujin District, Changzhou City is invested and constructed by Jiangsu Dayu water Co., Ltd. the bid winning period is 730 days, the design scale of the project is 100000 t / D, and the floor area is 7.707 hectares. The project is located at the west side of Yong'an River, the east side of the fifth municipal public transportation company, the north side of the planned Haihu road and the south side of the Yanjiang expressway. The implementation contents mainly include: buildings, hydraulic structures, water inlet and outlet pipes, in plant road drainage, process pipeline and electrical installation, landscape greening, etc. The process flow of sewage treatment is: coarse grid water inlet pump room + fine grid and aeration grit chamber + oxidation ditch + secondary sedimentation tank + V-shaped filter + chlorination and disinfection, and the tail water is discharged into the Wunan river. The buildings include the upper part of the hydraulic structure and the production and supporting rooms. The newly-built buildings mainly include the comprehensive building, guard room, 1 × substation, 2 × substation, sludge dewatering machine room, V-type filter and advanced treatment unit, coarse grid and water inlet pump room, intermediate lift pump room and high-efficiency sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation distribution well and sludge pump room, etc. the structure is mainly frame structure, with the building level Mainly single story buildings.
After the bidding announcement of the first phase project of Wunan No.2 sewage treatment plant was issued, the company leaders attached great importance to the project, made specific requirements on the bidding documents, technical quality and other aspects, and arranged the project operation center and the project departments of the fourth and fifth branches to do sufficient bidding work.
As the bidding construction scheme plays an important role in bid evaluation, in order to make the company's construction organization design obtain the greatest competitive advantage, the engineering operation center and the four and five branches cooperate with each other. On the basis of carefully reading the bidding documents, being familiar with the drawings, understanding the spirit of the Q & A documents and on-site investigation of the project, the construction of the same type of project in the past is summarized Experience: the construction technology and various measures to be adopted have been fully brewed and scientifically analyzed and compared, striving to achieve the scientificity, pertinence and feasibility of the scheme, and the relevant bidding personnel have carried out refined modification over and over again. Due to the urgency of time and heavy workload, the relevant personnel of all departments met the difficulties, United, worked overtime spontaneously, and completed the task of preparing the bidding document with high efficiency and quality.
Since the first phase of Wunan No.2 sewage treatment plant was determined to win the bid, the company has transferred its best efforts to establish a construction team. All participants in the construction of the project department quickly enter the role, carefully organize, carefully deploy and intensively carry out the preparatory work for the construction, and carry out the work in strict accordance with the requirements of the standardized project. On the one hand, organize the resident construction of the project department, equip high-quality construction team to enter the first line of the construction site, and on the other hand, actively contact and coordinate with the owner, design, supervision and local functional departments. The preparation of the survey team, the construction of the stock yard, the construction of temporary facilities, all kinds of pre job training and land acquisition work are also being carried out in an orderly manner, laying a solid foundation for the overall construction.
The collection and treatment of sewage is related to the well-being of the people. Only by promoting the construction of sewage plants with high standards, high quality and high efficiency can the quality of water environment in the whole region be effectively improved. After the successful completion of the first phase of Wunan No.2 sewage treatment plant, it will further strengthen the urban sewage treatment capacity, greatly improve the urban water environment, which is of great significance to the treatment of pollution, the protection of local water quality and ecological balance, the enhancement of the city's comprehensive service function, the improvement of Changzhou's investment environment and the realization of Changzhou's sustainable economic and social development Effect.
The winning of the first phase project of Wunan No.2 sewage treatment plant in Wujin District of Changzhou city further consolidated our strong advantage in the construction of Changzhou sewage treatment plant, added a lot of color to the bidding performance in 2019, and laid a more solid foundation for the long-term development of hydraulic structures of the company. No matter how hard the road ahead is, no matter how hard the work is, the watering of sweat will produce fruitful results. Under the leadership of the company's leaders, all employees are dedicated and tireless, "Changzhou municipal" will be able to make progress, thrive and grow stronger!
News: on the morning of October 11, the signing ceremony of the municipal general contract construction contract of Wunan No.2 sewage treatment plant, Wujin District, Changzhou City was held in the east conference room, 12th floor, water affairs building. Wang Jiansong, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Xianxian Holding Group Co., Ltd., Shen Yeming, chairman of Jiangsu Dayu water Co., Ltd., Zhang Shunbao, general manager, Chen Shuping, Secretary of the general Party branch, Li Dan, ruikan, Huang Xiaoguang, deputy general manager, and relevant management personnel of engineering construction, Zhao Xisheng, chairman of the company, Fu Weidong, deputy general manager, and Jiang Hongwei, project manager attended the signing ceremony (as shown in the figure) 。
At the ceremony, Zhao Xisheng, chairman of the company, made a statement, saying that a strong project team will be organized to work hard in safety, progress and quality through scientific management, careful construction and logistical support, and with the support of the owner, make the first phase project of Wunan second sewage treatment plant into a quality project in a down-to-earth manner, and hand over a satisfactory answer sheet to the people of Wujin District.

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