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Do a good job in construction management to ensure project quality
The publisher:czszjs    Release time:2019/11/12    Hit:3694

 Time flies, summer is over, Zhangjiagang fourth water plant expansion project has been completed more than half. Quality is the lifeline of the whole construction cycle. The project department attaches great importance to the quality control and takes a series of measures to strengthen the construction management.

In order to control the quality, the project department first establishes the project quality assurance system, defines the quality management objectives, and decomposes the objectives to ensure that the construction quality is always under control. Human is an important factor in determining the construction process of the project, so the project department reasonably organizes human resources, through the site meeting deployment and exchange, strictly defines the organizational discipline, improves the skill level, and strives to make a high-quality project. Material is the main factor affecting the construction quality. Therefore, the project department shall implement mobilization control on all kinds of construction materials, components, fittings and equipment entering the construction site, so as to prevent unqualified materials from entering the construction site from the source. Moreover, the project department shall effectively protect the finished products and semi-finished products in the construction process.
Construction quality management and technical factors are also closely linked. Therefore, the project department attaches great importance to the application of new technologies, processes, materials and equipment. The project department has established the technological process, quality standards and operation procedures that meet the technical requirements, and constantly improved the construction technology and technology level to ensure the project quality. We pay close attention to the industry trends, the relevant information of new materials and equipment, follow the principle of "science and technology is the first productivity", widely apply excellent new materials and equipment, effectively improve the construction level, reduce the project cost, reduce the operation intensity of workers, and achieve the purpose of improving the overall construction level and project quality.
At present, the construction of Zhangjiagang No.4 water plant expansion project is still actively moving forward. The project department will continue to focus on quality management, carefully control quality and strive for high-quality projects.

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