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Elaborate quality management and strive for high quality project
The publisher:czszjs    Release time:2019/11/12    Hit:9863

 The first phase pipe network and pump station project for renewable water use in the northern new town is now in the construction preparation stage. The main construction contents of the project are: reinforced concrete structures, including renewable water pump house, management room, equipment room, high-voltage power distribution room, supporting pipelines, etc.; the renewable water pump station adopts the all underground structure type, with the planned sports park on the ground and the foundation of bored cast-in-place pile foundation Foundation. For the regeneration water pipeline project, ductile iron pipes with a diameter of dn300-dn1200 and a total length of about 8000 meters are used. 120 ° sand foundation and T-type sliding rubber ring interface are used, which are mainly located on Longjiang Road, Nenjiang road and Renhe road.

In order to ensure the construction management of the project with high standards and strict requirements, before the project construction, the project department has established the project quality objective as Changzhou Municipal Quality Demonstration Project and the safety management objective as Changzhou standard chemical site. To this end, we will do the following:
To establish and improve the project quality management system, the management team of the project department shall give priority to the personnel with excellent experience, establish a perfect quality post responsibility system, and form a network project organization system with the project manager as the main responsible person, the staff of the project department for on-site management, and the strict implementation of each construction team. Establish the quality oriented policy, establish a QC group composed of project manager, project chief engineer, constructor, technician, tester, etc., and strengthen process control, so as to continuously improve the project quality in PDCA cycle and keep each process under control. Strengthen quality inspection and acceptance, strictly apply for process inspection and check at different levels.
The project department will prepare a feasible quality assurance plan, carefully study the design drawings and construct in strict accordance with the drawings; carefully prepare the construction organization design and construction scheme; adhere to the system of joint review of drawings and technical disclosure to eliminate the possible problems before construction to the maximum extent; strengthen the measurement management and experimental inspection management. For the regeneration water pipeline project, adhere to the model guide system, and conduct large-scale construction after the model is accepted. Make good quality records to ensure the integrity of quality records.
The project department will do a good job in the acceptance of raw materials to ensure that the raw materials, components and accessories used in the project meet the design and specification requirements. After the construction of each process is completed, the on-site entity inspection shall be carried out in strict accordance with the design and specification requirements, and the construction of the next process can only be started after the acceptance of the previous process is qualified.
In the process of construction, we will strictly abide by the excellence creation plan of the project, construct in strict accordance with the specifications, strengthen the construction site management, and actively cooperate with the quality management of the supervision, quality supervision and other departments. All the staff of the project department will work together to achieve the quality objectives of the project and make unremitting efforts to realize the municipal dream of "century old store" of the company!

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