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Pay attention to multi management and strive for civilized construction site
The publisher:czszjs    Release time:2019/11/12    Hit:3688

 In the golden autumn, the eighth branch company ushered in the completion of various projects, from the construction of sewage branch network in the northern area of West Taihu Lake to the transformation of dewatering machine room of Qishuyan sewage treatment plant, which are now in the final stage.

In the West Taihu Lake pipe network project, we have completed the construction of traction pipe, pipe jacking project and the masonry of 110 inspection wells, with an output value of 6.78 million yuan; in the Qishuyan sewage treatment plant project, we have completed the transformation of dehydration machine room and a series of installation projects, with an output value of 670000 yuan. The reason why we can finish the construction on time with high quality and quantity can not be separated from the efficient construction quality management on site.
In terms of personnel management, in general construction projects, the management of personnel mainly starts from the post: the project manager accepts the quality supervision and inspection of the quality supervision department and the inspection department for the project quality, and manages the construction process and process as a whole; the technical director of the project manages the relevant provisions, technical regulations, technical quality standards and design of the superior quality management The requirements of drawings shall be converted into specific measures in construction technical scheme and technical disclosure; the construction team leader shall organize specific construction according to the design drawings and construction specifications to ensure the construction process and quality.
In terms of material quality control, the quality control of raw materials shall be carried out from the source. All materials shall be inspected before entering the site. Unqualified materials shall not be allowed to enter the site for use. The quality of raw materials shall be strictly controlled according to relevant requirements. The sampling and inspection process of some important material tests shall be witnessed by the supervising engineer or the representative of the construction unit on site to confirm that the sampling meets the relevant requirements, and the samples shall be sealed until they are delivered to the testing unit.
In the aspect of construction method control, the construction method is the technical means to ensure the construction quality. Its management and control include technical scheme, technological process, organizational measures, detection means, construction organization design, etc.
The construction project involves a hundred years, and its project quality should be the top priority of management. We should constantly strengthen the professional responsibility of the management personnel, improve the quality management awareness, and implement the quality management behavior. Only in this way can we make high-quality projects and strive for a civilized construction site.

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