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Quality control of asphalt construction in front yard
The publisher:czszjs    Release time:2019/11/12    Hit:3728

 Asphalt construction and paving is the formation stage of asphalt pavement quality. The construction control in this stage will ultimately determine the paving effect of hot mix asphalt concrete pavement and whether various technical indicators meet the requirements of design specifications. Therefore, the quality control of asphalt paving in the front yard should be strengthened from the following aspects:

In the mixing production process of asphalt mixture, the mix proportion and mixing temperature shall be strictly controlled to ensure that the mixture arriving at the front yard meets the paving requirements. If the temperature is too high, the asphalt content will change, even aging. If the temperature is too low, the mixture will be mixed unevenly, which will affect the paving and rolling effect of the front yard, and finally result in the inspection index compactness, water permeability and flatness not meeting the specified standards.
In the process of paving and rolling, the paving temperature shall be controlled. The carriage of hot mix asphalt transport vehicle must be installed with insulation layer and covered with tarpaulin. Before paving, each vehicle shall be inspected and recorded for the temperature on site. If unqualified products are found, they shall be returned to the factory for treatment and shall not be paved. Before the asphalt construction, the working section surface shall be clean and free of pollution, and the unqualified shall be treated. After the construction starts, the continuous construction shall be carried out as much as possible to avoid pause, so as not to affect the construction quality. During the rolling process, the rolling area and times shall be strictly controlled. The rolling shall be carried out slowly without sudden braking. The rolling shall overlap one third of the wheel tracks. In case of rainy weather or ponding on the paving section surface, asphalt paving construction is strictly prohibited. In the asphalt paving area, traffic control shall be adopted to avoid the damage of social vehicles to the construction section and affect the construction quality.
To sum up, the key to the quality control of hot mix asphalt concrete lies in the dynamic control before and during construction. As long as the preparation is sufficient, the construction organization design scheme is proper, and the measures are in place, the hot mix asphalt concrete construction can be completed with quality and quantity guaranteed, thus contributing to the development of Changzhou municipal administration actively!

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