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Personnel recruitment

Electrical Engineer
sex: man
the record of formal schooling: unlimited
    1. Male predominantly, under 50 years old; 2. Possess Certificate of Registered Electrical Engineer (Direction of Power Supply and Distribution) 3. More than two years working experience in electrical field...
age:20to50year number of people:1
Engineers and techni
sex: man
the record of formal schooling: undergraduate course
    Recruitment Changzhou Municipal Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise converted from the original Changzhou municipal construction engineering company in December 2004. The company's current construction qualification: municipal construction general contracting, road construction general contracting, construction of bridge engineering professional contracting, environmental engineering contractor level, housing construction general contractor Sanji, foundation and foundation engineering contractor level three, landscaping engineering sanji. At present, the company's business scope has covered roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewage treatment, airports, squares, landscaping, housing construction and other engineering areas. The company has eleven functional management departments, ten engineering construction branches, and nearly 350 employees. Among them, one or two are 90 builders, and all kinds of professional and technical personnel account for over 75% ...
age:20to35year number of people:1

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